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The Tony Awards were instituted in 1947 and included only a few of the most famous performers of the time; a stark contrast between today’s 175 performer lineup.

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It recognized only eleven aspects of live theater with awards, and continued adding more categories as years went by. It’s named after the co-founder of The American Theater Wing, Antoinette Perry.

Having run continuously for nearly seven decades, The Tony Awards has established itself as a goal for world-class performers in every genre of theater. Likewise, our goal at Private Jets Teterboro is to deliver world-class private flights to every genre of client. Let our team arrange your jet to land at (TEB) Teterboro Airport for the Tony Awards.

The Tony Awards is an iconic event in the world of both film and theater. With over 24 awards total, each is given to only the best artists in each category. On par with The Oscars in terms of prestige and credibility, winning a Tony is often the highlight of an artist’s career. Held at the iconic Beacon Theatre in Manhattan, it’s a thrilling event for any film or theater enthusiast. There are often A-List stars either in the crowd or expecting an award. Many household names like Bruce Willis, Keira Knightly, and other big stars make jumps over to Broadway in order to change things up a bit; these celebrities attract fans from all over, and turn the Tony Awards into a must see event.

The show isn’t only for the stars. Fans from anywhere in the world can purchase tickets online at the Tony Awards official website. Regardless of where you sit, you’ll have access to a number of once-in-a-lifetime performances by titans in the entertainment business. You can see Neil Patrick Harris do a Broadway style comedy skit, or check out brad pit try his best at singing. If these hilarious and rare events aren’t enough to get you to buy a ticket, you’ll be in a room with virtually all of today’s biggest stars. As a private jet traveler, you couldn’t pick a more appropriate event than The Tony Awards. For your private flight there, our Teterboro Jet Charter representatives can arrange several aspects of the trip. Virtually any food requested, from Fillet Mignon cooked to perfection to the finest vegan cuisines, can be arranged on the flight.

We can also arrange ground transportation and even helicopter lifts. Should you prefer to fly into JFK or La Guardia instead of (TEB) Teterboro Airport, there are several heliports in Manhattan that will help you avoid extreme traffic. The most convenient heliport for the event is the 30th Street Heliport. At about 11 minutes from the Beacon Theatre, your client will land and reach their destination in no time at all. The other heliport options is the 34th Street Heliport; it’s just as luxurious and anonymous as the 30th Street Heliport, but it’s 35 minutes from the venue instead of 11.

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