Teterboro Airport FAQ

Teterboro Airport is the most important and widely used private airport in the United States for private aviation. The TEB airport has a 7,000 Foot Asphalt runway which can accommodate helicopters, pistons, turbo props, and private jets. Teterboro airport is easily accessible and the most convenient airport for travelers visiting New York City for business or pleasure.

Teterboro Customs

For international travel Teterboro Airport has customs in two locations, Hangar #1 and Jet Aviation FBO. Customs hours at KTEB airport are 7:30 AM – 11:30 PM local, however special accommodations may be possible upon request.

FBOS and Private Terminals at Teterboro

In private aviation you can fly using Fixed Based Operators (Private Terminals). See below for the list of FBOS at Teterboro:

1. Atlantic Aviation Services Teterboro

2. Jet Aviation FBO Teterboro

3. Landmark Aviation FBO Teterboro

4. Meridian FBO Teterboro

5. Signature Flight Support FBO Teterboro

6. Signature Flight Support East FBO Teterboro