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New York, New York! And other places around New York have some of the best celebrations going on this fall/winter. Some of them even rival the events in Las Vegas, home to Party City, USA. If you’d like to see what you could be missing, Private Jets Teterboro can get you there before the year is over. However, I think we all know the best events in New York are when the ball drops.


New York Film Festival

(Started in September, lasts until October)

Like many film festivals, the New York Film Festival is a great way to see some of the best movies ever made, all in a couple of weeks. The festival has been going on for over 50 years now, and has been a tradition of NYC’s fall season to keep the entertainment alive and well after the summer. Sports and swimming may die down, but that doesn’t mean the events end too. The festival is ending soon though, so if you’re in the area, be sure to catch a classic or two.

New Yorker Festival

Want to be surrounded by the top thinkers in NY, ney, the world?! Okay, maybe not the entire world, but the New Yorker Festival brings the all-star thinkers, arts, comics, writers, and all that jazz to one spot for only three days. It’s a little impossible to name everyone and all of the events going on; there’s talks, jokes, music, art, some heavy, some light-hearted. Tech@Fest will also be there, talking about the innovations of technology and its implications today.

New York Comic Con/Anime Festival

Comic-Con is coming to New York, and it couldn’t be any better. Geek culture, once “uncool” has dominated the mainstream for awhile now, and it just gets more and more fans every year. Stars holding panels and autographs, costumed cosplayers playing superhero or villain for a day, and many people who make their own costumes from their favorite anime, tv show, comic book, etc. Photo ops to take or be a part of, plenty of merchandise, etc. I hope you have a favorite, or a super power, because there is no way to catch it all. Geekasm away!

The Annual Columbus Day Parade

Although Columbus didn’t really “discover” America, I mean let’s be serious here, there were already people inhabiting the land when he got there. Columbus could be coined as (one of) the first guys from the Eastern hemisphere to get here, but regardless, he’s got a parade in his name. It’s all on Fifth Avenue, and is a large spectacle celebrating camaraderie amongst all New Yorkers. Te event has gotten such recognition that it is televised globally, with millions of people watching and about a half million spectating on the streets.

NYC Independent Film Festival

Everyone needs their chance to shine, and the NYC Independent Film Festival is giving filmmakers a shot. For about a week in NYC, the festival will showcase the best in independent cinema, with everything from short films to animated works. There will also be panels, gatherings for fellow filmmakers to network, and of course, the after parties. This is the place for artists, writers, actors, filmmakers, and their fans, to congregate and mingle.

CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival

Rock on! 35 years of music, baby, that’s something to celebrate, and it’s all going down in a couple of days. For about a week, the music is let loose on the fans, and here’s a hint: they’re all new. Be the first to hear these tunes, and you can say “I was there!” Plus, this is also a film festival, so be prepared to see a couple of silver screen heavy hitters before everyone else. There will also be panels, discussions, and minor activities strewn throughout the festival.

New York City Wine and Food Festival

Calling all foodies, I repeat, calling all foodies! New York City’s Wine and Food Festival is coming to town soon, and we’re sure it’s not one to miss. Ironically, there will be a Tacos and Tequila tasting event no where near Taco Tuesday this year, but that’s no reason to miss out on it. There will also be over 30 dinners available to have with some of the most world-renowned, top chefs around. There will be BBQ & Blues, burgers, cocktails, brunch, sandwiches, the list goes on. Be sure to come and join the fun.

8th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival

Every year, Imagine Science Films gives the public people a look into the world around them and the science behind it all, in a more readily accessible fashion than studying for years. Each festival also has a theme, and this year’s theme is “Air,” in all its forms. The air we breathe (which isn’t 100% oxygen), how animals and planes achieve flight, and even how sound waves travel through the air. The festival will be at a different venue throughout its duration, showing 116 short films. There is also a 48-Hour Film Competition where 6 teams of scientists and film makers work together to make and produce a short film in 48 hours.

Open House New York

Ever wanted to enter some of those buildings in NY that tend to be a little…private? Many buildings are actually closed to the public year-round, except during two days. Open House New York celebrates some of the most spectacular architecture in NY, and opens doors to the public during the two-day event. At the moment, which buildings are available have been undisclosed, but we’ll all know around October 6th which buildings to check off the architectural bucket list.

Dia de los Muertos

For those of you unfamiliar with Dia de los Muertos, it’s the Hispanic tradition of honoring the dead, young and old, for two days after Halloween. However, since its inception, it has spread worldwide, in terms of tradition and celebration. New York isn’t one to miss this step, and multiple venues, such as the New York Botanical Garden, el Museo, and Mano a Mano hold Dia de los Muertos events for several days, starting late October.

NYC Craft Beer Festival

In two days this October, a heavy celebration will be going on to cheer on the 12th beer show in the past 4 years. Attending this event will be 75 breweries, placing the spotlight 150 beers, ciders, and meads for the largest selection in NYC, all in one place. Buy getting a ticket, you get unlimited 2oz tasting of all of the above, which is great, because if you find a favorite, you can keep sipping until you’re sure you want to buy. Just don’t get too carried away, let’s keep things somewhat classy.

Thrill the World NYC Zombie Masquerade Ball

Thriller! Thriller night! I couldn’t help myself, this event is just too cool. Every year in October, thousands of Michael Jackson fans gather together to reenact Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Video. The event has gained such a response, that a Zombie Masquerade Ball is also thrown in Manhattan. We can’t find the details of where the party is being thrown exactly, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find. If you can’t make it to New York, fear not, because the event is well known throughout the states, and you may find the reenactment elsewhere.

The Chocolate Expo

The largest chocolate expo is coming back to New York this year, and the treats are being supplied by anywhere from 30-70 vendors. It’s an expo for foodies and of course chocolate lovers, and a great way to not only sample chocolate, but talk to the people that make it. If you’re looking to load up on chocolate, you may want to think again, as it’s more of a wine tasting sort of gig, but of course if you find something you like, you can buy some for yourself or a friend. The expo gets a little busy, but dies down in the later hours, so keep that in mind depending on who you’re going with and if you’re not a fan of crowds.

Village Halloween Parade

For 42 years, the Halloween Parade in NYC has been going on, and every year it’s an explosion of spooktacular fun! This event is also open to the public, be you spectator or want a spot in the parade. If you’re in costume, you can join the bands, the puppets, and all the ghosts and ghouls as they march (or float) down 6th avenue. It’s one of the most lively events in October, but some of the costumes may suggest a bit of an undead theme.


TCS New York Marathon

Run, run your heart out for a good cause! Just not literally, can’t have people passing out on the course. This is the big race that is not only changing lives but challenging the physical stamina and endurance of thousands of runners a year. The race course covers over 25 miles, from Staten Island to Central park, and the runners put on quite the show. The race benefits several charities a year, nearly 200 in all.

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

Brooklyn. Electronic. Music Festival. Does anymore really need to be said?

New York Comedy Festival

Oh man, my sides are still hurting from last year’s line up of comedians that hit NY last year. Hitting many venues with talk panels, improv, and comedy specials, the New York Comedy Festival is bringing back some old and new big names in comedy. Seventeen stars will be showing up over the course of five days this year, and they’ll be sharing knowledge and laughs along the way. Here’s the list of who to look for, when and where.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

(November – January)

Going on for more than 80 years, and now with the beautiful Rockettes, fireworks, and a special appearance by Santa Claus, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular really is, well, spectacular! The show runs for nearly two months, namely because the show is about only 90 minutes, but that means there are plenty of chances to see it all. It’s a great way to spend time with the family, friends, loved ones, and even strangers you met at the bar. Okay, maybe not that last one, but it’s a fun time for all! Watch the Rockettes, see Santa, the Nutcracker, and Living Nativity.

Holiday Train Show

(November – January)

At the New York Botanical Garden, an enchanting show with model trains goes through 150 landmarks, all made with natural materials. It’s quite the artistic spectacle, and this year it’s even larger than in all its history. An additional 3,000 square feet has been added to the exhibition, making room for more trains, tracks, and lovely scenery. The track itself is a quarter-mile long, and goes through many familiar sights. It’s something interest to watch for all ages, as it can be pretty impressive. The shows lasts for nearly two months too, so you’ll have plenty of chances to see it.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Every year, for the past 89 years, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has taken place on, you guessed it, Thanksgiving Day. This Award-winning tradition is viewed by millions of people on the city streets of New York, and at home during its televised glory. It’s also a tradition for many families to huddle around the TV and see the many amazing floats, performances, and marching bands while preparing the Turkey for the often highly anticipated feast. It’s the kick-off to the holidays that are sure to bring a lot of cheer.

George Balanchine's The Nutcracker

(November – January)

We don’t normally write about performances at theaters or concerts that aren’t a large-scale event or festival, but George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker is a well-known ballet that has been going on for more than 50 years. It’s a classic performance that everyone needs to cross off their bucket list. It tells the story of a nutcracker doll that comes to life, and runs off with a young heroine. The story is somewhat simple, but the choreography, backdrops, and magical sets make it so much more.


Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting

This Christmas Tree is a well-known symbol of Christmas, and in New York City, they reign in the holiday(s) by lighting a Norway Spruce, usually 69-100ft tall. That’s not all though; there will also be live performances taking place the night they light the tree, entertaining thousands in the crowd, and millions watching from around the world. The tree is of course decorated in the traditional Christmas lights, and will stay lit until 8pm on January, 6th, 2016.

Lighting of the World's Largest Hanukkah Menorah

The world’s largest (C)Hanukkah Menorah is in no other place than NY, at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street. It stands at 32-feet, made of 4,000 pounds of steel, and will be lit on December 6th, and each night following for every night of (C)Hanukkah that follows. There is in fact, however, two “World’s Largest Hanukkah Menorah”s, as a rivaling menorah sits in Brooklyn versus Manhattan that is also lit every year. See one or both!

Holiday Shops

Throughout December, the global tradition of Christmas Markets has hit home in NY as well. During the month, shops will be popping up to offer clothing, trinkets, and special gifts you won’t find elsewhere. It’s all set up by the locals, but held around well-known places in NY. You can find these merchants at Columbus Circle, Bryant Park Winter Village, Union Square, and the Grand Central Holiday Fair. This is a great way to finish off your list.

Times Square New Year's Eve

It wouldn’t be the New Year without watching the ball drop, and what better place to be than New York’s Time Square? Although it gets a bit chilly, no one really cares when a million people are all gathered together for New York’s famous New Year’s Eve party. As the clock counts down, there will be live concerts, party items, confetti, and a pyrotechnic display. The event is free, but it’s first-come-first-serve. You’d be surprised how many people camp out for a spot in Times Square for when the clock strikes twelve.

New York Road Runners Midnight Run

After the ball drops, or even before if you wish, you can grab a spot to watch the annual midnight run. Every year, runners choose to race through Central Park versus standing around in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. It’s a 4-mile race, taking place at midnight, and starting the New Year off with a chilling sweat. A costume contest and a parade follows, and of course it’s all free to watch.


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